3D printed PCB Vise

3D printed PCB Vise
3D printed PCB vice

This is a very simple, fully 3D printed PCB vise. There are 3 main components of this vice, a base, rod and a thumb screw. Base has additional extension points on top which you can use to extend this vise to your hearts content.

You can substitute rod with any metal rod up to 10mm in diameter. Thumb screw is long enough to hold thin rods up to 3mm in diameter. Metal rod will add more weight to the vise improving overall usability.

Optional small holder

You can also choose to print a smaller version of the holder if you do not need future extension.

If you do decide to print and use, it would be great to hear from you. Any feedback, suggestions, complains.

Enjoy! Do whatever with this, it's available under a free culture licence so you can also use it commercially.